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Kratie is a province located in the northeast of Cambodia. It borders Stung Treng province to the north, Mondulkiri province to the east, Kampong Thom and Kampong Cham to the west, and Tbong Khmum and Vietnam to the south.
The capital of the province is the town of Kratie located in the Kratie district.
Irrawaddy Dolphins
Area: 11,094 sq.km
Population: 318,523 people. There is a substantial Vietnamese minority in Kratié Province. Kratié is home to seven indigenous groups: Phnorng, Kouy, Mil, Khonh, Kraol, Steang, and Thamoun. Approximately 70% of the province's residents live along the Mekong River; the area beyond the river is sparsely populated. Approximately 8% of Kratié's population is indigenous; it is one of four provinces with a substantial indigenous population. 70% of the population is rural.
Topography: The topography of Kratie is variable. The province is bisected North-South by the Mekong River and its narrow floodplains. Most of the province consists of undulating uplands, including lowland/ upland mosaic and upland forested areas. Kratie is classified as a rural province.
Administrative organization: 6 units including 1 town and 5 districts.
Climate: The province has a monsoonal climate, with a cool season from November to March, a hot season from March to May, and a rainy season from May to October. Flooding is frequent in Kratié; the Mekong may overflow by as much as 4 m during the rainy season.
The Mekong River flows from the north to the south of the province; approximately 140 km of the river is located in Kratié. The river is home to Irrawaddy dolphins, fish, and birds. Kratié is known for its attractive riverside scenery and its green villages and paddies.
     + Kampi Dolphin Site: Kampi is the name of a small village situated at the east bank of the Mekong River, 15km north of Kratie on the old National Road 7. Kampi is the best place in Cambodia to see the rare Mekong River Dolphin. Kampi Dolphin pool is the most inhabited dolpin pool in the Mekong River with about 20 dolphins. Kampi Dolphin Site was established in 1999 to welcome international and local tourists and for scientific researchers to study the Mekong River Dolphin.
There are motor boats available to shuttle visitors out of the Mekong River to see Dolphin at close quarters. The best time to see Dolphin is at dry season early morning and late afternoon.
     + Phnom Sambok is a hill is covered by various kinds of trees labeled with scientific names. At the top of the hill, tourists can visit a small temple, and cottages that serve as residencies for Buddhist monks, clergymen, and nuns.
Phnom Sambok Temple
     + Kampi is a natural attraction in Kratie Province that is situated along the Mekong River, approximately 16 km from Kratie City and 1 km north of Kampi Dolphin. A small archipelago, Kampi attracts visitors with beautiful streams where visitors can bathe and swim. Kampi is a seasonal attraction and can be visited only during the dry season from January to May. All sorts of Khmer food are sold at Kampi, including the famous local food is Chak Chreng dish (Chak Chreng is a species of snail living only in Kampi area). Accommodations and food are arranged by the local community. Kampi is a very popular picnic area for Khmer families on weekends and at Khmer New Year.
At  Kampi  Resort
     + Koh Pdao Dolphin Pool. Koh Pdao is an island located in Kratie Province in the Northeast of Cambodia. Koh Pdao is well known for its still existing fresh water dolphins living in the Mekong River. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Mekong River scenery while watching Irrawaddy dolphins swimming next to their boat. In the evenings beautiful sunsets will turn the river into a golden banner. On top of that visitors can help communities through participating in community activities such as digging fish and frog ponds, building chicken and duck pens, farming...
During the Community Development Tour, visitors travel up the Mekong River from Kratie to Koh Pdao Island and observe the lives of Cambodians on Koh Pdao. Home stays can be arranged.
Farming activities on Koh Pdao
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