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Lang Son is a mountainous province located in the North-East of Vietnam, sharing a 253km long border with People’s Republic of China in the North, along with Cao Bang province, Guangxi  province of China to the North-East, Quang Ninh province to the South-East, Thai Nguyen province to the South-West west and Bac Kan province to the West. The city of Lang Son rises on the bank of Ky Cung river, along with Phai Loan Lake, create landscapes of great beauty.
The province has two international border gates including Dong Dang railway border crossing and Huu Nghi road border gate, four national border gates at Chi Ma, Binh Nghi, Tan Thanh and Coc Nam. So Lang Son has an important strategic position in the North-East of Vietnam.
Area: 8,320.8 sq.km
Population: 741,200 people composed of 7 ethnic groups, among which  42.97% of Nung people, 35.92% of Tay people, 16.5% of Viet people, other ethnics are Yaos, Hoa, San Chay, H’Mong...
Topography: Lang Son topography is mainly composed of low mountains and hills, covering 80% of the province’s total area, with an average altitude of 252m above sea level:
+ The lowest point with 20m above sea level is at the south of Huu Lung district, on Thuong river valley;
+ The highest point is Phia Me (of Mau Son mountain) with an elevation of 1,541m above sea level. Mau Son is 30km west of Lang Son city, surrounded by small mountains and sometimes having snow in winter.
Rivers: The river system is quite dense. The complex network of rivers makes a good condition for agriculture. Main rivers that run through the province are: Ky Cung, Ba Thin, Bac Giang, Bac Khe, Thuong, Hoa, and Trung rivers.
Administrative divisions: Lang Son is divided into 11 units: 1 city (Lang Son) and 10 districts.
Climate: Lang Son has a tropical monsoon climate with average temperature ranging 17-220C which may drop to 50C-00C or minor degree in coldest months. Overall, the climate is cool and temperate.
Nung Women
Sights of interest
Lang Son, dotted with natural landscapes, cool climate all year round, Ba Be lakes, and a lot of caves, different ethnic groups as well as many historical sites, has great potential in developing tourism, eco-tourism.
Tam Thanh Grottoes, in Lang Son town consists of three caves Nhat Thanh, Nhi Thanh and Tam Thanh. The most famous is Tam Thanh, which located on the western end of Ky Lua street, inside the chain of mountains, which have the shape of an elephant herd crouching on the grassy field. The Tam Thanh cave lies in the middle of the mountain, the entrance of the cave faces east with the height of 8m. There are 30 stone steps making up the way leading to the cave. On the right side wall of the cave there remains a poem carved deep into the stone. The poem was written by Ngo Thi Si (18th century writer) while he was stationed in Lang Son as the commander of the Lang Son military post. The poem praises the amazing beauty of Tam Thanh grottoes.
To Thi mountain: Located on the northwest of Tam Thanh mount, To Thi Mountain, also called Vong Phu Mountain, has the shape of a woman holding a kid in her arms and waiting her husband coming back from the fight in the North Vietnam. “Vong Phu” means "waiting for the husband". From ancient times, this human-shaped stone has been associated with a lady named To Thi holding the baby to wait for her husband returning from battlefield, but she never saw him back and finally she was turned into a rock. Throughout the years, from natural and human impact, the rock has been heavily damaged. However, Lang Son tourist authorities has had a copy of To Thi built in order to retain this cherished relic that has gone into the feeling of Vietnamese people.
Rampart of Mac dynasty lies in TamThanh ward – Lang Son city, but the present remains are only two stone walls in the defile. This is the vestige of a military architectural work reflecting Vietnamese feudal period.
Nowadays, the rampart of Mac dynasty has been ranked as a national historical vestige since 1962. It is invested to restore for the aim of serving tourists.
Lang Son Citadel is a military architectural work lying in Chi Lang ward-Lang Son city. In feudal period, here is Lang Son center of politics, economy and culture. The Citadel has a strategic position in military defence at the gateway of the country as it is built in a valley surrounded by high mountains. The walls of the Citadel are mostly in ruins, the quite intact remains are two gates and some hundreds of the southern wall with stone foundation and arched gates.
Mau Son mountain, located at Loc Binh district, 30 km west of Lang Son city at an elevation of 1,541m above sea level, has a cool and temperate weather, well suited to relaxation, cultural and adventure tourism.
Mau Son is surrounded by hundreds of big and small mountains. The area is endowed with a biodiversity system with more than 1,500 hectares of primeval forest which is home to many rare flora and fauna species. There are many streams from the peak to the foot of the mountain, creating magnificent and splendid waterfalls.
Besides admiring romantic landscapes, visitors can learn about old cultures of ethnic peoples of Dao, Tay and Nung.
Local authorities in Mau Son are planning to develop infrastructure as well as public services to promote tourism. In the future, Mau Son will be developed to become a tourist area with mountain climbing, sightseeing, and recreation.
Dong Kinh market, located at Vinh Trai ward, is one of the biggest markets in Lang Son where everything from roasted ducks to electronic  items are sold. It is also the biggest shopping center in the northern border. Thousands of tourists go shopping at this market  every day, specially in January as there are a lot of festivities in this month.
Ky Lua Market is situated in the city center of Lang Son city. The market has come into operation for hundreds of years. It has become a bustling trade center of the local people as well as visitors. Goods between regions are exchanged here. People usually not only go to market for sale but also visit and talk about business. Ky Lua Market is also a meeting place of young ethnic people such as Tay, Nung, Dao.  They gather in the market, buy the goods, meet their friends and find their partners through love songs. At the market, along with diverse color of brocade, clothes, there are special delicious dishes of Lang Son province.
Each year, Ky Lua fair is organized, lasting from 22 to 27 of the 1st lunar month. This is the traditional cultural activity.
Ky Lua market today is open day and night.
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